Differences between Document Management System (DCM) and Enterprise Content Management (ECM)?

There is often a blur line between DMS and ECM. An Enterprise Content Management includes the features of a great DMS. ECM appeals to those looking to manage and configure large volumes of structured and unstructured data. Common ECM features – Digital asset management (DAM), Indexing, Document collaboration, Workflows, Audit trails, Business process management, Email management and Imaging.

Document management systems (DMS) is technically the core of ECM. Electronic Content Management could not exist without its ability to manage documents. Common DMS features are Custom Workflows, Audit trails, Smart Indexing & Search, OCR, Collaboration, Versioning.

A good ECM needs a robust DMS, providing companies with an efficient means to organize, retain, and safeguard their documents.  A DMS is at its core a simplified ECM system. SFTdox is an advanced document management system that can be further customized as an efficient ECM.
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