Document management software for attorneys and law firms

SftDox comes to aid for your legal practice to convert to a paper-free, cloud-based, legal document management software.

Document Management Software for Lawyers

Managing legal documents can be overwhelming for a legal department or law firms. When handling paper documents, it can sometimes seem like another full-time job by itself.

Remove paper hassles

Working on documentation in a legal department or law firm can be cumbersome. There can be times when handling paper documents feels like another full-time job.

Getting delayed approvals makes slower decision making. Document level permission with SftDox ensures the right people have access to the right documents.

Comply with regulations

With technology at fingertips, people start to question processes and systems. They are aware of their rights and duties, which give rise to conflicts.

Time stamp functionality -including secure electronic signatures - come fully equipped in this out of the box platform.

Cloud based document management system for law firms has distinct advantages

A well-functioning legal practice usually involves an excellent document management system. Legal teams need to store, organise and search legal documents easily. Get rid of the piles of paperwork overtaking your office.

With SftDox, attorneys don't need to worry about document version control, audit trails, and the complicated security requirements. Using a cloud-based, Legal Document Management Software can ensure of all your legal document are streamlined with your legal firm.

Key Capabilities of SftDox for legal and law firms

Productivity and Legal Compliance

  • Store legal documents and records electronically to save office space
  • Create client or public-facing e-forms to quickly capture information and more
  • Integrate with other systems to maximize your existing technology’s value

Security and Compliance

  • Restrict unauthorized viewing of confidential documents
  • Develop strict guidelines to protect client privacy
  • Use workflows, version control and audit trails for reviews

Step into the future

  • SftDox lets you to embrace digital transformation
  • Better client satisfaction with SftDox
  • Legal & Law firms embrace digitization with SftDox

Reach your documents from any device, anytime

Enable legal teams to store, organise and search legal documents. Record metadata about each document

Ease of Use

Quick learning of SftDox allows to faster adoption. Customizable dashboard offers a more focused decision making. Take print outs only when needed.

Flexible, Scalable

SftDox is cloud-based solution. This allows organizations to instantly increase users and storage as your institution grows. Customize as per your business needs.


Ensure that high-value, sensitive documents are accessible internally and externally in accordance with organizational policies. Document access and changes are recorded by SftDox.


Take control of your business from anywhere, anytime, in the age of digitization. Organize global teams and collaborate with them easily.

SftDox is used by attorneys to edit, comment and audit their documents while sharing them with their clients.

Advance and secure Document Management System for multiple industries

Robust sorting, tracking, archiving, sharing files of any size and formatting.