Document Management Software to simplify hiring and onboarding processes

Increase the speed of onboarding new employees by collecting all the necessary information automatically with SftDox.

Put People First, Not Paperwork

Onboarding takes up enough of your time. SftDox capabilities, workflows, and document management can significantly speed up those processes.

Prevent data breach

It's your responsibility as a human resources professional to collect and secure sensitive employee data. Data breaches are a constant risk, so ensuring that everything is secure isn't easy.

For business everywhere

With SftDox's security, 3rd party integration, governance capabilities, and robust access controls, all your confidential data can be protected from any threat.

Human Resources have increasingly benefited from document management system

Organizations have been forced to stay on their toes due to the rapid changes brought about by technology advancements. People analytics have become increasingly critical for HR.

Documents relating to employee employment and career, health, pay, pension, welfare and security, contracts of employment, etc., must be retained securely. With an HR DMS you can safely & securely replace slow manual processes.

Key capabilities of SftDox for Human Resource management

Collaborate with ease

  • Store employees' records and associated documents electronically to save office space
  • Centrally manage and collaborate with different departments
  • Create eForms to collect employee information

Security and Privacy

  • Restrict unauthorized viewing of confidential documents
  • Create guidelines to protect employees' privacy
  • Meet compliance with GDPR, HIPPA, SSL, AES

Business Transformation of HR

  • Implement SftDox that works in tandem with different departments
  • Protect against natural disaster with SaaS cloud technology

Continuous Multi-channel Internal Communication

Give your employees the tool for interaction, ensuring transparency and data governance.

User Friendly

SftDox can be learned quickly, resulting in faster adoption rate. A customizable dashboard allows for a more focused decision-making process. Go green, print out only when necessary.

Flexible & Scalable

With SftDox, you can access data in the cloud. As your institution grows, you can instantly add users and storage. Adapt to the needs of your business.

Secure Environment

Ensure high-value, sensitive documents are accessible internally and externally in accordance with organizational policies. Document access and changes are recorded by SftDox.

Mobile Workforce

Take control of your business from anywhere, anytime, in the age of digitization. Organize global teams and collaborate with them easily.

Future of work is being re-written and re-designed

HR leaders are at an integral part of the change process. SftDox puts you ahead of the process.