Multi-element metadata support for faster search

More than ever, your organization needs a safe, secure platform for critical business documents. SftDox organizes employee information, financial records, contracts, legal documents, with many more additional features.

Critical Insights On Data Security And Safety Standards

This free ebook covers everything you need to know about safe, secure and stable archiving of digital documents.

Spend Less Time Documenting

Business generates a lot of documents. Important drawings, blueprints, or process orders are all in paper format. SftDox helps you manage, organize, audit and replace manual courier-based documentation processes easily.

Boost your business with SftDox

SFTDOX provides complete document archiving, document storing and document searching for organizations that require a safe, secure repository for the most important business information.

Up to 50% reduction in costs for paper document storage, transportation, and archiving

With cloud-hosted SaaS DMS, users can create, adjust, and monitor business workflows without specialized IT skills.

Format flexibility

SftDox saves paper documents as electronic files in a universal file format, such as pdf, doc, jpeg, to maximize usability.

Encrypted and Protection ready

All data transmission are sent through HTTPS protocols. Documents are AES Decrypted. A comprehensive access rights system keeps unwanted eyes out of sensitive documents.

About 75% less time spent on document processing

Registrations, transfers, agreements, approvals, archiving and many more day to day business process.

Trace documents with transparent audit trails

Every document captured, it's versions are logged for complete traceability. Each workflow steps in DMS are recorded for process transparency. Auditing has never been faster and complete. Easy-to-follow document routing process for reviews and approvals.

Open Web API for ROI

Open Application Program Interface (API) of SftDox fully serve the needs of any organization. One can easily customize and connect SftDox to third party application.

Data control, Compliance ready

Granular access rights within organizational boundaries with strict compliance initiatives like SSL, AES, GDPR and HIPAA.

Organized indexing, Meta search

Indexing ensures all business documents are precisely organized with SftDox. Your documents are easily searchable and actionable to its assigned workflows.

Businesses use SftDox for

Finance and Accounting

  • Invoices
  • Purchase Orders
  • Shipping Receipts
  • Bills of Lading
  • Budget Spreadsheets

Human Resources

  • Resumes
  • Certifications and Credentials
  • Performance Reviews
  • Tax Documents
  • Expense Reports


  • Contracts and Templates
  • Operating Procedures
  • Reports


  • Product Datasheets
  • Marketing Brochures
  • Presentations and Proposals

A multi-functional DMS tool is used for

  • Document digitizing & capturing
  • Document storing, central repository
  • Software for document distribution
  • Document tracking Software
  • Intelligent workflow management
  • APIs to access documents from third parties
  • Digital documents increase mobility
  • Digital Asset Library
  • More Industries

Manage Incoming, Outgoing and Internal Documents

Easy Capture, Instant Access, Always Secure. Use SftDox to easily assign tasks and control their execution.

Search, Co-author, Collaborate

Retrieve and find any document instantly. Search docs by its full-text content or by its index data. Co-author your business documents on the go.

Meet Compliance Standards

With strict compliance guidelines like GDPR and HIPAA, SftDox simplifies planning and implementation of sensitive document retention policies.

Integrate Office 365

Integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office 365. Archive and organize all business emails, word docs, powerpoint or excel from Microsoft. Send out emails directly from SftDox.

Small Businesses, Large Enterprise

We help you at every step to clearly understand and customize SftDox as per your industry and business requirements.

Find out why organizations rely on SftDox document management system to digitally transform their business

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See how SftDox is perfect for businesses seeking efficiency, security and sanity with their documents.