Document Management System for Enterprises

Document management is how your organization stores, manages, and tracks its documents. SftDox is an electronic document system for large enterprises and small businesses.

Automate Workflows, Reduce Errors & Stay Competitive

Heaps of paperwork requires a lot of attention. SftDox allows easy communication and collaboration amongst multiple stakeholders.

Focus on what's essential

All of the past activities, performance reports, upcoming schedules, activity plans, and other data are stored as documents.

SftDox automatically pushes and processes any document through its lifecycle. The DMS tool can also ensure on-time fulfilment and updating of documents and records. Thus, helping with better inspection & submission readiness.

Creating a paperless office

Business in Enterprise spans multiple functional organizations or multiple product life cycle stages.
With changing markets, digitization and working conditions, all documents need to be preserved for future references.

With SftDox there is no dependency on physical storage space. Your business documents are safe in the cloud.

Digitize business documents with electronic document management system

SftDox can help businesses capture, store, manage, track and share documents with controlled access. Enterprises can handle their daily tasks more efficiently with SftDox, without going though pile of papers. Decision makers can approve, reject, or request additional information along the way.

Both big enterprise and small companies can leverage the benefits of SftDox.

Key capabilities of SftDox for Enterprises and Businesses

Collaborate and productivity

  • Digitization of paper records and easily retrieval of documents
  • Faster information exchange between clients and stakeholders
  • Remote sharing of data and information, so you are always prompt with approvals and information

Security and Privacy

  • Create enterprise guidelines to protect document's privacy
  • Restricted unauthorized viewing of confidential documents
  • Use audit trail to find Who and when the last audit was done
  • Protect business documents against hackers, malwares and other illegal acts

Digital transformation for enterprises

  • Save significant budget on hardware and IT team
  • Be future ready with faster turn around time
  • Easily share with clients and vendors for approvals
  • Eco-friendly initiatives by companies using SftDox

Exceed Customer Expectations

Remote working and collaborations addresses evolving business requirements. SftDox DMS is the value aid.

User Friendly

Quick to start, easy to learn and deploy is the core of SftDox. Customizable dashboard offers a more focused decision making. Take print outs only when needed.


Instant access to your business documents on the go with any device. Easily search, upload, change documents anywhere, anytime through our mobile app.

Scalable and Flexible

Instant access to your business documents on the go with any device. Easily search, upload, change documents anywhere, anytime through our mobile app.

Secured Information

Manage internal & external access to high-value, sensitive documents as per organizational policies. SftDox creates an audit trail around who has accessed or changed the documents.

SftDox has the features our customers love

Ensure higher productivity and meet project deadlines with a document management system.