SftDox document management software for financial services

Digitalize your financial documents and audit reports with SftDox. Cloud hosted enterprise SaaS document management system.

Digitize Financial Audit Documents or Credit Requests

Credit and insurance providers store documentation with all approvals, legally. SftDox makes it easier.

Eradicate paper hassles

Accounting principles have not changed much over the years, but regulations, best practices, and technology have.

Using document storage software eliminates the huge space requirement for storing paper. In SftDox, documents are stored centrally.

Ensure security and compliance

The storage of credit and insurance-related documents, along with all approvals, is critical for financial service providers and insurance companies.

Authorized employees have access to the document content instantly and 24/7.

Digitalization with document management for financial services are beneficial

In a modern world, accounting departments face far more challenges. Every day, countless documents of different types and origins are generated. With SftDox invoices and receipts are automatically routed to the predetermined approval process.

Key capabilities of SftDox for Banking and Financial institutions

Ability to collaborate and be productive

  • Accountants use DMS to be more profitable and efficient
  • 60% faster credit issuance process and better risk management
  • Accountant and Client information sharing is faster
  • Tax papers and invoices are easily managed and centralized

Security & Privacy of documents

  • Create enterprise guidelines to protect accounting document's privacy
  • Restricted unauthorized viewing of confidential documents
  • Use audit trail to find who and when the last audit was done
  • 100% consistent with legal requirements

A Centralized, Data-driven Approach to Managing Performance and Risk

Financial advisor or bank salesperson can easily share invoices, purchase orders, receipts, or credit card statements, with their customers and collaborate with them no matter where they are.

Ease of Use

Quick learning of SftDox allows to faster adoption. Customizable dashboard offers a more focused decision making. Take print outs only when needed.

Flexible, Scalable

SftDox is Cloud hosted enterprise SaaS document management system. This allows organizations to instantly increase users and storage as your institution grows. Customize as per your business needs.


Ensure high-value, sensitive documents are accessible internally and externally in accordance with organizational policies. Document access and changes are recorded by SftDox.


Take control of your business from anywhere, anytime, in the age of digitization. Organize global teams and collaborate with them easily.

Financial industry works with sensitive documents and information

Using SftDox DMS provides multiple advantages including minimal IT support dependency.