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Companies from wide range of industries rely on SftDox to manage and connect their business information. You can authorize and control access, use e-Signatures, create e-Forms, audit and collaborate from anywhere. Manages incoming, outgoing, and internal documents.

SftDox offers cloud storage for business files which allows multiple users to access, co-author the same documents from different locations. With document management system (DMS) you can assign tasks and control their execution.

Replace Paper Driven Documentation

Go Paperless. SftDox helps businesses shift from manual, paper based, legacy business documentation to digital archiving.

Customize on demand. Integrate with your current technology ecosystem

  •   Rapid Implementation
  •   Faster Adoption
  •   Scalable and Customizable

Business solution built for the core

Document Management system with workflows, remote collaboration for various industries.

Human Resources

All your employee records in one place

Medical and Healthcare

Avoid medical negligence, use DMS for healthcare

Legal and Law firms

Organize contracts and legal documents securely


SftDox contributes to excellence in e-Governance

Digital transformation

Move your organization towards digitialization.

Going paperless in office

Businesses are considering paper alternatives.

Importance of Document Management

How a DMS can help you take informed decision, mitigating human errors

A Cloud-based organization

Cloud applications can bring new levels of business efficiency

DMS in Enterprise

Organizations deploy next- gen DMS to expedite business processes

Eliminate Business Complexity, Embrace Digitization

SftDox is a flexible, configurable, and scalable solution for document and business process management. Improve your business with multilevel workflows, centralized access controls and enhanced mobility.

Paperless Office

Declutter your office with SftDox. Your business becomes more secured, centralized, accessible and eco friendly.

Simple Index Archiving

Faster document search with departmental access controls. Authorized data storage and wider Technology integrations.

Scan & Digitize Documents

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) scans the characters on a scanned page and coverts it into machine-encoded text.

Security you can Trust

Highest standards of security, safety and workflow efficiency for documents. Access control ensures confidentiality.

Reduce Business Bottlenecks, Supervise your Work

Create inter departmental workflows and access control within organization boundaries. Mobile apps enhance remote collaboration and productivity.

  • Email Documents from within System
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Document Indexing and Searching
  • Core Document Management
  • Bulk Upload Documents
  • Document Version History
  • Instant Document Sharing
  • Document Approvals
  • AutoCad (DWG and DXF) Viewing Support
  • LDAP / Active Directory Integration
  • Mobile Application (Android/IOS)
  • Workflows with e-Forms
  • Records Management
  • MS Office Integration
  • Barcode Integration
  • Hot Folder
SftDox Features

Flexibility for you and your business

Partnered with technology leaders globally. With SftDox you can manage, and connect information using the tools you know and trust.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SFTDox document management software?

Regular business operations and management generate a huge number of documents. All these crucial business information must be stored safely and securely. SFTDox is an advanced Document Management System that helps you save your documents electronically.  SFTDox can be customized further to accommodate your business needs. You can easily store, update, track and manage business records and documents in a data-secured environment. Easy workflows and access controls allows only authorized individuals to access relevant records.

Learn more about SFTDox Capabilities and Key Features

What happens if a disaster strikes my business? Are my documents stored in the system or lost?

A big benefit of cloud-based solutions is that your data is safely stored offsite. However, on-premises solutions often rely on your own servers and storage, so it’s vital to back up all your data when using an on-premises server. We recommend looking into a cloud-based backup service to protect your documents.

With document management systems, do all users have access to every file?

Most document management systems have security restrictions that can control which employees have access to which files. This ensures employees see only the documents they should. For example, you could set personnel contracts to be available only to HR staff, rather than every member of the organization.

How do I integrate my legacy systems with newer technologies?

SFTDox integrates seamlessly with your current technology ecosystem through open web API. It is  adaptable, configurable, and easy-to-scale SaaS platform.  Businesses use SFTDox for processing, managing, storing, and accessing information using smart and simple methods.

Work easily with Microsoft word, excel, PowerPoint, Outlook express, SAP, and other third party applications. Keep using the tools you are familiar with and let SFTDox organize, manage, and connect business information.

Learn more about SFTDox Capabilities and Key Features

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