Document management system for educational institutions

Simplify learning in schools, colleges and universities with a smart document management system.

Manage Academic and Educational Departments

It has never been easier to manage enrollment forms, transcripts, invoices, and alumni correspondence across campus. SftDox centralizes and secures documents for admissions, student records, and much more.

Enhance institutional efficiency

Many businesses nowadays realise that legacy systems can no longer keep up with today’s dynamic customer’s demands. Staff and faculty need to have the information to create a better student experiences with digitalized paper records for instant retrieval.

Manage student lifecycle

Student enrolment, academic record management, and alumni involvement – all are done without adding additional staff. SftDox is user-friendly document management system that is easy to implement, future-ready and economical.

Higher education institutions are transforming themselves through document management system and digitization

Easy workflows and document management enable you to digitize paperwork and save it securely in an organized repository for quick retrieval. Track, manage, process, and share documents easily.

Easily capture, store, manage processes, share and track documents with controlled access, task lists, and email notifications. Academicians, faculties and students can handle daily tasks more efficiently with SftDox. Decision makers can approve, reject, or request additional information along the way.

Key capabilities of SftDox for educational institutions

Collaborate with productivity

  • Digitization of paper records and easily retrieval of documents
  • Faster information exchange between staff, teachers and students
  • Students records are organized for better accessibility
  • Easily store your research papers and documents

Your privacy is secured

  • Restrict unauthorized access and viewing of confidential files
  • Use audit trail to find Who and when the last audit was done
  • Prevent cyber threats

Knowledge at Work

Private schools, community colleges, state universities and training schools, all benefit from SftDox

Ease of Use

Quick learning of SftDox allows to faster adoption. Customizable dashboard offers a more focused decision making. Take print outs only when needed.


SftDox is cloud-based SaaS solution. This allows organizations to instantly increase users and storage as your institution grows. Customize as per your business needs.


Manage internal & external access to high-value, sensitive documents as per organizational policies. SftDox creates an audit trail around who has accessed or changed the documents.


In the age of digitization, control your business from any remote location, anytime, anywhere. Collaborate with global teams.

Schools, Colleges and Universities use SftDox to simplify document management for a better document utilization.

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