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SftDox is transforming the way organizations use business documents through digitalization. Go green by reducing paper usage.

An organization is a complex structure with several departments and resources in respective units performing their individual functions. The entire gamut of business activities produces large volumes of business data and allied documents.

An Electronic Document Management System facilitates quick and easy access to these documents by approved individuals. It simplifies document storage, sorting, management, and utilization in a data-secured environment. Experience an easy-to-configure, install, and compatible solution that frees you from manual administrative activities. It thus enables you to focus on core issues for improving sales, customer relations, and other operational and management priorities.


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About Shyam Future Tech Pvt. Ltd.

We are a house of techies creating solutions that digitally enable your venture, transform your business operation and management while amplifying the firm's output. Strategies aren't enough for creating a rewarding business, you need to complement it with dynamic solutions that simplify regular functions and enable you to focus on further challenging issues. We bring you customized solutions that serve the unique requirements of your business.

Smart Document Management Utilities

Regular business activities produce a large volume of business data – business strategies, statistics, contracts, policies, and other crucial documents that are highly sensitive. The document management software enables you to store and share them with respective stakeholders through a secured channel ensuring its security and ease of sharing.

Data security is a top priority now because data is the new oil, and the world is after it. It is the foundation for effective business strategies. Threat to enterprise data is more now than ever which calls for stringent measures to ensure complete data security. The Enterprise Document Management System ensures that and much more.

Automation: Why is it absolutely essential?

The key to enhanced business output and excellence is automation. Business automation is one of the indispensable factors to ensure flawless, timely, and cost-effective business operation and management. The Electronic Document Management System automates document storage, access, and management of your business records and ensures they are secured.

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