Document Management System for Medical and Healthcare reduced document processing time by 75%

SftDox is the most reliable document management software to store electronic medical and healthcare documents of patients. All medical records are at your fingertips.

Hospitals, Nursing homes and Pharma Companies use SftDox DMS

Abandon manual ways of managing healthcare document updates, and approvals. Manage lab info and patient information easily with SftDox.

Critical document version control system

The task of maintaining a quality healthcare services can be a daunting task. SftDox helps minimize healthcare negligence and expedite process

Make sure your medical staffs have access to the most current policies, patient records. With SftDox you can constantly update and train your staffs and nurses on healthcare and medical policies.

Lab specimens

Scanned lab specimens in real time using barcoded labels to index the documents in SftDox. Centrally manage sensitive documents in a tamper-proof digital format.

Disruption of healthcare with document management system offers distinct advantages

Adoption of document management system is helping healthcare organizations and hospitals manage document version control, update training records and policies, You can easily differentiate between the current and outdated documents.

Real-time access to medical records of patients and medical staffs. Controlled access, task lists and email notifications enable staff to handle medical duties and daily responsibilities more efficiently.

Key capabilities of Sftdox for Healthcare management

Collaborate with ease

  • Store medical records and associated documents electronically to save office space
  • Remove access to prescriptions and instructions
  • Centrally manage healthcare and medical records
  • Create eForms to collect patients' pre-visit info

Security and Privacy

  • Restrict unauthorized viewing of confidential documents
  • Create guidelines to protect medical privacy
  • Meet compliance with GDPR, HIPPA, SSL, AES

Digital Transformation

  • Implement solution that works in tandem with multiple departments without an IT team
  • Protect against natural disaster with SaaS cloud technology

Easily Digitize Medical Records

Paper-based legacy systems often lack workflow structure. Pharma companies are digitizing documents for effective control. SftDox integrates with Healthcare Information Management System.

User Friendly

SftDox can be learned quickly, resulting in faster adoption. A customizable dashboard allows for a more focused decision-making process. Go green, print out only when necessary.

Flexible & Scalable

With SFTDox, you can access data in the cloud. As your institution grows, you can instantly add users and storage. Adapt to the needs of your business.

Secure Environment

Ensure that high-value, sensitive documents are accessible internally and externally in accordance with organizational policies. Document access and changes are recorded by SftDox.

Mobile Workforce

Take control of your business from anywhere, anytime, in the age of digitization. Organize global teams and collaborate with them easily.

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