Local and State Governments can benefit from SftDox

SftDox document management system is beneficial for state and local governments in their governance and public initiatives.

Paperless Governance with Digitalization

Poor government document management can lead to chaos. Keep your city, county, and citizens' documents protected with SftDox. The most robust, secure, and user-friendly document management system available.

Governments can ditch the manual paper work

Government offices have everything from Social Security information to business licenses. When printed paper copies of these documents are stored in filing cabinets they are open to theft or natural disasters.

Any government agency, whether federal, state, or local, can use SftDox as a government document management system software to store public and legal records

A flexible response to change

Protecting government sensitive documents from security risk, and storing documents in filing cabinets, manpower and efforts are wasted.

About 75% less time spent on document processing (registration, transfer, agreement, approval, archiving)

Up to 50% reduction in costs for paper document storage, transportation, and archiving

SftDox can secure paper documentation. You can easily search for misplaced documents if filed incorrectly.

Digital transformation with document management system offers superior advantages to government agencies

Documents loss is a common complaint against government departments. With SftDox you can categorize, classify and label documents accordingly. This eliminates a lot of cumbersome paperwork and saves time. Drive your staff and employees' towards productivity with SftDox, a contemporary and secured document management system.

With SftDox document management for government bodies, they can improve operations by providing staff and employees with secure and instant access to confidential documents and processes while in the office, working from home or in remote locations.

SftDox SaaS platform offers these key capabilities to government agencies

Collaboration and Productivity

  • SftDox is easy, intuitive, and affordable software system to manage all of your documents digitally
  • With SftDox, you can access all of your important documents within minutes
  • Control your documents. Store it either on-premise or in the cloud,
  • Remote sharing of data and information, so you are always prompt with approvals and information
  • KYC (know-your-customer) verification is smoother
  • Easy Contract management

Security and Privacy

  • Restrict unauthorized viewing of confidential documents
  • Create guidelines to protect citizens' and public privacy
  • Use audit trail to find Who and when the last audit was done
  • Protect against hackers, malwares and other illegal acts

Leadership with digital transformation

  • Implementation of SftDox serves the needs of multiple departments with improved services to your community
  • Save significant budget on hardware and IT
  • Be future ready in your governance.
  • "Go Green" is an increasing focus for Governments

Streamline Time Consuming Administrative Tasks

SftDox dilutes dependencies on physical records and documents. Stores data in digital formats, ensuring paperless record-keeping.

User Friendly

Quick to start, easy to learn and deploy is the core of SftDox. Customizable dashboard offers a more focused decision making. Take print outs only when needed.


Instant access to your business documents on the go with any device. Easily search, upload, change documents anywhere, anytime through our mobile app.

Scalable and Flexible

Instant access to your business documents on the go with any device. Easily search, upload, change documents anywhere, anytime through our mobile app.

Secured Information

Manage internal & external access to high-value, sensitive documents as per organizational policies. SftDox creates an audit trail around who has accessed or changed the documents.

SftDox has all the features a government agency needs

Our DMS team can show you how Document Management System can help reduce documentation hassles.