document management system dox

Features of Document Management System

Control your data, Collaborate with ease, Improve Compliances with our Cloud based SaaS DMS

SftDox features and capabilities
SftDox Key Capabilities
User Dashboard
  • Workflow and document inbox
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Reporting dashboard
  • Document & folder action reports
  • Follow-ups, chat on documents
  • Inbuilt calendar, emails
  • Customizable dashboard
Document Security
  • Audit trail
  • Roles based access control
  • Advanced access rights
  • Encrypted documents
  • Supports SSL
  • Modify file ownership
  • Modify access levels
Regulatory Compliance
  • Configurable Workflows
  • Authority Checks, Record
  • Validation Authenticity
  • Access Confidentiality
  • Integrity, GDPR Compliant Irrefutability
  • Document Storage, Record Retention
  • System Access Control

Explore the power of enterprise level document management system. SftDox is highly scalable and feature-rich.

Document Reporting
  • Document action tracking
  • Folder action tracking
  • Reports on docs & folders
  • Real-time upload history
  • Record Management
  • Supports innumerable formats
  • Download reports in various formats (pdf, excel)
Indexing Documents
  • Automatic Indexing of all documents
  • Custom document sequencing
  • Content recognition and indexing
  • Indexing metadata and revisions
  • OCR (Optical character recognition)
  • Extendable metadata fields
  • Categorize, Tag and Search
Special Features
  • Extendable metadata fields
  • Configure multi-level approvals
  • Update records based on documents
  • LDAP, Third party integrations
  • Customize as per Industry
  • Open Web APIs
  • GDPR & HIPPA certified

Flexibility for you and your team

On Cloud
On Premise

Data Privacy and Security are a priority for us

All stored data in the cloud or on-premise are completely yours, and for you to access. 100% consistent with legal requirements. We follow strict security guidelines and periodically update it – GDPR, HIPPA, AES, SSL.