How to Choose the Right Legal Document Management Software?

Legal document management software is crucial for every law firm or in-house legal team. If you are organized, it helps to improve productivity and client relationships. Also, secure storage is essential to ensure the business runs smoothly and ensures confidentiality. This is where the legal document management software comes in.

Having a central repository of legal documents helps you handle so much data efficiently. Also, you can respond to legal matters quickly. It is time to implement the shift if you are a legal organization that must rely on paper documents. This will help you reduce human errors, have no chances of losing or misfiling paperwork and have no storage costs.

What are the Signs You Need Legal Document Management Software?

Your law firm should consider getting legal document management software for the following scenarios.

  1. The legal documents, contracts and files are saved in different places. These include the individual lawyers’ hard drives.
  2. Your team previously had trouble keeping track of the versions of the negotiated contracts and other documents.
  3. There is no structured and intuitive filing system or naming convention.
  4. There is also no way to classify legal documents according to the types like contracts, motions, or complaints.
  5. You have difficulty finding documents with the present search feature.

How to Choose the Right Legal Document Management Software?

The first step to choosing any technology is determining the key stakeholders. Who will offer input for this decision? Who are the ones to make the final calls? Also, who shall take care of the transition from the old system to the new legal DMS?

Bring all the stakeholders together and discuss the existing legal document and workflows. What could benefit you if you opt for legal document management software?

Many organizations realize that it is time to sift to the cloud, while others want top-notch security, like SOC compliance. Also, it is common for law firms and businesses to have difficulties with secure collaboration, version control, lack of integrations, inefficient search features and obligation tracking.

Once your in-house team identifies the present legal document management woes, you can figure out the document management system features that you need. After that, you can start reviewing the options.

Features to Look for in a Legal Document Management System

Here are the helpful features you must have in legal document management System.

  • Secure option for document and file storage
  • User-based permissions and also access management
  • Intuitive organization and also document categorization
  • The customizable record retention feature
  • Email management and also a robust search feature
  • A numbering convention, version control and also audit trains
  • Document check-in and check-out with real-time document status and customizable notifications
  • Mobile access, internal notes and also e-signature integration

Your requirements shall also dictate the level of automation you will benefit from. For example, some legal document management software offers document automation templates that help to fill out the common court forms and legal documents much faster and have fewer human errors.

Some Final Words

Gone are those days when you and your colleagues must spend hours reviewing, tracking and renewing routine contracts. We know how frustrating that can be because it takes time away from high-value strategic tasks. Therefore, it impacts your bottom line of business. Contact us today if you are searching for the best legal document management software.

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