Electronic Document Management Systems for Schools – Why Schools Need Them

Over the past few years, the long lockdown led to the closing of schools, colleges, and other educational institutions. These institutions have shifted to digital learning. Thus, there has been a drastic change in the role of school leaders throughout the world. E-Learning poses a challenge to teachers and students because it has replaced the use of boards and textbooks with digital classrooms. In the same way, the school management and administration face numerous challenges over different operational and daily activities.  

The typical school handles thousands of documents every year. This includes admission forms, student records/transcripts, state education standard compliance documents, and curriculum records. It puts extreme stress on the office staff members who are responsible for the filing, storing, and retrieving of these huge volumes of paper documents. Now, virtual classes have replaced textbooks and boards. The same thing applies for filing the cabinets. SFTDOX is the best electronic document management system for schools in India that can help educational institutions to digitalize their documents and manage them efficiently. Here are four reasons to install an electronic document management system for schools.  

Why Should You Install a Document Management System for Schools?   

Most of the schools these days have a student information system. It is crucial to manage the students’ records and grades. However, the administration side of the school, which manages the accounts payable invoices, employee records, and other business processes, is handled through paper documents. You might see that private student information, like education plans and medical records, is paper-based as well. The question is why an electronic document management system is crucial for schools.  

  1. Reduces the Number of Paper Files that Need Storage 

Documents that are related to the administration of school businesses follow retention cycles of 7 years of financial information and 7 years from the last data of employment for employee records. Previously, these documents were filed on paper in a filing cabinet. In addition, the paperwork that contains private student data, health information, and other details is stored in the paper. With an electronic document management system, schools can store all these files electronically by scanning them into the software. This will reduce the number of paper files a school needs to store.  

  1. Easier and Quicker Retrieval of the Documents

The schools are one of the best and most reliable sources of data research. Schools receive calls from colleges, law enforcement agencies, and other institutions. If the paper documents are locked away in the basement, they are hard and time-consuming to retrieve. Not to mention the risks of losing information in flood, fire, or natural disaster, an electronic document management system for schools can store, organize, search, and retrieve any type of document for all the departments. Electronic document management also ensures standardization. Therefore, a school won’t need different people filing records over the years.  

  1. Better Security

School records hold private information about a student or the school’s business transactions. This should not be available for everyone, and it shouldn’t be easy to access. An electronic document management system for schools gives the ability to secure the documents according to the departments. Therefore, the information stored is only visible to the people that have been granted access. If someone doesn’t have access, it will be like the records don’t even exist for them.  

  1. Automated Process Reduces Soft Costs

Schools will find distinct-wide value by automating their paper process with electronic document management. AP automation centralizes the bill pay processes. The electronic form digitizes and automates permission slips and other signups. Optical Character Recognition helps to process all documents quickly, especially when onboarding new staff members.  

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